1Will you take care of my pet without meeting them or not?

No, we require a completed profile, payment information, deposit and an initial consultation before taking care of your pets. We know you don’t want a stranger in your home you haven’t met anyway, do you? We need to make sure your dog and caregiver are a good fit.

2How do I become a client?

Becoming a client is as easy as booking your first meet and greet. Contact us to schedule your initial meeting where we will assess the needs of you and your furry friend.

3Do you always visit at the exact time we ask?

We book your visits within 2 hour time blocks and will be there during that time. If there is an unforeseen circumstance, we will contact you.

4What is your cancellation policy?

Walks/Runs/Services other than Vacation Care- Customers are not charged for cancelling a service unless Fetch Fido is on the way to your home already. This is part of our premium service.We do everything we can to make things as convenient for you as possible.

Vacation Travel Services

Customers must give a 7 day advance written notice to receive a full refund of booking. Under 7 days, customers receive 80% of the total payment amount.


Customers must give 14 days advance written notice to receive a full refund of booking. Under 14 days, customers receive 80% of the total payment amount. Customers forfeit total cost if care is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

5How do I pay my bill?

Payments are made seamlessly through our app.

6What should we do about our house alarm?

If you have an alarm, please contact your alarm company and tell them you have hired Fetch Fido. Please provide the code to deactivate and activate the system and password in case of accidentally setting off the alarm. If you are uncomfortable giving Fetch Fido this information, please set up a temporary code and password for our purposes.

7Oops! We left on our trip and forgot to buy food- will you pick it up for us?

We will always do what’s best for your pet. Any additional necessary costs such as food, cleaning supplies, or other necessary items that contribute to the health and well-being of your pet will be purchased by your caregiver and billed directly to your account. We will retain a receipt. A $35 trip fee will be applied.

8Are sitters background checked?

Yes, all dog caregivers are background checked, thoroughly interviewed and trained.

9Will you text or email me updates while I’m away?

Yes! We offer to send all our clients complimentary daily pictures via text or email once per 24 hours. You will also receive communication after each visit to your home to take care of your furry pup.

10Will you clean up pet accidents in our home?

We are happy to dispose of pet waste and will do our best to clean up any accidents your pet may have indoors with an appropriate cleaner left by you. We do request you provide plastic bags, cleaning products, paper towels, and indicate where you would like the waste to be deposited.

11Will you clean up after our pet in the yard and on a walk?

As a courtesy, we will clean up after your pet outside while they are with us. We are not responsible for waste that is in the yard before we arrive.

12Will you work with a pet with a history of aggression?

No, we ask in your profile if your pet has a history of aggression and it’s very important you are honest with us. Although we are experienced in pet care, we are not trainers or behaviorists. If your pet(s) will not let us into your home or prevents us from providing routine duties, we will contact you for alternative arrangements. Additional charges may apply.

13What do you do in bad weather (severe thunderstorms, tornado, hurricane)?

If severe weather occurs, we will do our very best to carry out instructions. Please understand we will do anything possible to provide service, unless it is unsafe to travel. We will go as soon as possible. Normal rain, sun, wind, etc. does not stop our service.

14Do you offer referral rewards?

We sure do! Anytime you refer us to a new client, who signs up for regular service, you will be rewarded with a free walk to be applied to your next invoice. There is not a limit to the amount of free walks you can earn. (Ok, maybe 500 :) jk)