Fetch Fido strives to be the definition of reliability for our customers. Through rain, snow, and heat advisories it is our promise to provide the same quality of service, always. We promise to be a service that our clients and their furry friends can trust. In Latin “Fido” actually means faithful, so this value is so important to us we named the whole company after it.

What YOU Can Rely On:

  • Quality: Our business is created to provide the optimal service to your furry friend. All of our services are made to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. It is our personal mission to make sure every Fido is given the all-time-best day.
  • Timeliness: Fetch Fido Dog Care Professionals will be timely in delivering all the company services to our client’s pets; we will arrive precisely at the contracted time windows and remain until your dog has received all service actions you have contracted us for.
  • Loving and Familiar: We promise to be extremely loving and keep a familiar routine for your furry friend because we are passionate about truly taking care of your dogs. This is more than just a business to us, and the care we provide your best friend is our number one priority.